The format provided by GO2MKT is a powerful tool of multi-channel communication due to its ability to be simultaneously integrated into any web platform and mobile device. This is possible thanks to the development of videoclips.


A correct video production must take into account some basic guidelines:

Considering the two above parameters we have developed a format made of 8 steps along a path.
[taking in consideration the 15min average time for a daily session divided by 2min average duration of a single video]


These two parameters are key to ensure that the web-user can perceive the customer's "project" as a reference. This perception promotes the dynamics of "word-of-mouth" of a message within the network, positioning the customer's project as the best "virtual" place where a user can find information on that specific topic. To achieve this target, and considering the average length of a video clip (two minutes), we recommend the adoption of a scheme of eight video clips (for a total duration of about sixteen minutes) to communicate a full path within the communicative message of our customer.


The production process, achieved through the industrialization of content development (editorial and technical), relies on the contribution of over twenty professionals such as photographers, authors, designers, videomakers and others.


The production of a set of eight videos, each with a specific topic, is able to communicate a consistent and complete message about the services provided by your Organization, in order to catch the interest the "curious" and not just the "experts", through original contents in various digital formats (video, audio clips and texts), developed by us and approved by the customer.